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2016 GreenThumb Youth Leadership Council

GreenThumb's second annual Youth Leadership Council has given 118 New York City high school students the chance to learn and volunteer in 11 community gardens in Community Parks Initiative Zones in all five boroughs.  Each venue's experienced gardeners and 14 college mentors have provided the participants with guidance on how to expand sustainability, economic equality, and food initiatives through urban agriculture.…


Harvest Fair - Tabling/Networking Opportunity

GreenThumb is preparing to celebrate yet another bountiful harvest at our annual Harvest Fair.We hope you will assist us in making this year's Harvest Fair a success by tabling in the networking area of this event. This year’s festivities will be held on Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm, and we are very grateful to Diamante Garden for hosting the event. Diamante Garden is located near 308 East 118th…


GreenThumb Urban Gardener Profile

Emy Acevedo joined Halsey Ralph Howard Community Garden in Brooklyn four years ago. As one of the first members of the garden, Emy has always emphasized sharing knowledge, and has been a catalyst for many of the garden’s community-based events. Last year the garden formed a partnership with P.S. 5 and through this partnership, Emy has had the opportunity to share her experiences about growing up on a farm in Puerto Rico with…


Chickens Come to Roost in Brook Park

A chicken coop has arrived in Brook Park and residents like 56-year-old Danny Cruz say they aren’t quite sure what to make of these new, clucking neighbors.... For full article go to: